Basic rules

Do you want to start an initiative? We help you and your initiative group!

Wijdoenmee is a platform where you can do small scale financial applications for refugees, undocumented persons, asylum seekers and status holders in the Netherlands. We accept applications from initiative groups formed by 5 people, foundations and associations.

We want to stimulate dynamic initiatives of volunteers in the Netherlands which are dependent on realisation within a short frame of time. Often the ideas for initiatives are there but the financial means are lacking to make a start. This platform (a cooperation of several foundations) provides a straightforward application process to stimulate initiatives for groups of people.

  • Please supply with all names of the initiative group and their contact details in case you are not a foundation or association
  • Please supply us with all information we ask for to ensure a fast procedure
  • €2.500 is the maximum amount you can apply for
  • Please show us a breakdown of the costs
  • The total budget has a maximum of €10.000
  • Show us how the project is supported with (financial) resources within your direct surroundings
  • A Dutch bank account is necessary
  • Keep us informed of any essential changes during the course of the project
  • You are willing to receive one of our ambassadors when your project is in action
  • Within one month after the end of the project, you will fill in an evaluation form
  • It is possible to apply once every three months, if you apply for different kind of project and the evaluation of the previous project has taken place

    You can simply apply by following this link and fill in the required fields. We will contact you within 14 working days.

For questions please contact us